XPSFOAM Letters and Logos

Letters made from XPSFOAM (Styrofoam) are durable and light. Ideal for exhibitions, events, shop displays,
show rooms, and corporate signs in office reception areas. The letters are used by commercial
photographers for photo shoots.

Example of silver painted letters with black matt-painted sides.

Styrofoam letters are similar to polystyrene letters but the cell structure of Styrofoam is so small,
less than a millimeter. The material is cut and then painted to the customer’s requirements.
The maximum height available is 600mm high and a maximum thickness of 150mm.
The letters are usually vinyl faced in gloss or chrome with the sides of the letters painted with a vinyl matt emulsion.

Styrofoam logos are also made to order using the same process as the lettering.

Styrofoam letters can be used outside for short-term use, they can also be used outside on shop front signs once they have had a resin coating applied to protect them.