Shop Front Signs

3mm thick aluminium composite shop sign panels. We make them, you fit them.
Shop signs made from an aluminium composite for fitting by the customer. If you know how to hang a picture or fit a shelf on a wall you can fit one of these signs.


Aluminium composite sign boards are made from a three layered material that is 3mm thick, a layer of aluminium with a polyurethane inner core laminate and an aluminium backing. The natural face of the panels is coloured white, we then vinyl face in a range of colours to fit the customers requirements.

The material sheet size measures 1220mmx2440mm which we then cut to size, so a sign may by any length supplied in sections and up to a height of 1220mm. The largest size of sign supplied so far measured 1000mm x 8500mm supplied in sections. We also use the same material for making small signs, so if you require a small sign to be made feel free to contact us.

If you don’t feel sure about fitting one of these signs, then just buy the sign and get any local handyman or general builder to fit the sign for you.

How To Order

To order a shop sign from Arro Signs, we shall try and keep the process as simple as possible.

Measure the shop fascia with a tape measure and measure it in either millimetres or in inches. We need to know the total length of the panel required and the height of the panel. Check your measurements carefully and write them down as you measure them.
Supply a rough layout of the wording that you require on the sign.
Indicate what colours you would like to use for the sign and we will match them up to colours available in vinyl. All lettering and panels are coloured in adhesive vinyl.
Choose what fonts that you would like on your shop sign, have a look on your computer for different types to use. We have a wide range of fonts on our system, if you have a font that you would like to use and we don’t have it on our system, you may wish to send a copy to us by email as an attachment for us to use.
If you have any simple design software, you could send us a layout of what you are looking for to have made, send it to us inside a PDF file.
Logos can also be produced, our prices often cover the price of any logos on the shop sign. We will need artwork for any logo production, supply logos as a vector graphic with all text turned to curves and exported as a EPS file or AI file.
If a photographic image of a product is required on the sign artwork will be required supplied to us in a PDF file 150dpi saved same size as to be printed. An increase in the price of the sign may be applied subject to sight of artwork.
We will also need to know where the sign is going to be delivered.
Send all the above information by email to or just telephone us with it.
If you are not sure of what to do, then send us an email for advice or give us a phone call to 01202 546540 and ask for Karen Williams.

Once we have enough details, we can give you a price for supply and delivery. If the price is agreeable we will then make a visual for you to confirm before we proceed with the job, once a layout has been agreed we will require payment by either PayPal or credit card.

Signs usually take 7 working days to make plus a day or two for delivery depending on where in the UK the sign is going. Shorter lead time are possible on request some times depending on what is going through the workshop.