Aluminium letters are available in various finishes. Brushed or polished. Cast or cut from flat sheet. letters are clear protective coated to prevent oxidization. All aluminium letters are custom made to order. Cast aluminium letters are limited to an existing font list while flat cut letters may be cut from any font.


Brass letters. Brass letters are available in different finishes, polished brass finish, brushed, oxidized, dark oxidized. Letters are cut from sheet brass in differing thickness’s depending on the customers requirements.
Arro Signs also cast brass letters, custom made cast brass letters. Example shows 6mm thick, 100mm high, cut from sheet brushed brass, letter ‘G’.


Bronze Letters. Bronze lettering. Custom made to order. Cut from flat sheet in various thickness’s in Brushed finish, polished finish, oxidized, dark oxidized. Cast bronze letters are custom made to order subject to availability. Example shows a polished bronze letter ‘E’, 100mm high, 6mm thick. Bronze letters are clear protective coated. Other sizes are available.

Patina bronze letters. cast bronze lettering with a verdigris finish. Example shows a 50mm high, 10mm thick letter, Times new Roman font.

Patina Bronze Lettering.

Copper Letters. Copper letters. Custom made to order from flat sheet.

Various sizes and thickness’s, any fonts. polished or brushed finish. Clear protective coated. Example shows polished copper letter ‘B’. 100mm high, 6mm thick. Custom made copper letters may be cut from customers artwork.