Glitter Letters

Glitter is made from either polyester or PVC, glitter comes in many bright colours and shades. Glitter is manufactured in many countries around the world and the quality does vary depending on where it comes from. The grain or particle size of the glitter is determined by where it is going to be used, very small […]

Purple Glitter Letters

Big purple glitter lettering. 1000mm high, 200mm thick. Purple glitter, 040 size, plastic glitter. Glitter applied onto front and sides, back painted black matt. The colour of purple glitter can change dramatically depending on the lighting conditions, if the lighting is bright enough and comes from the front the lettering, they almost appear to be […]

Acrylic Sign Letters

A set of perspex letters supplied to a children’s nursery. The plastic letters were made out of 3mm thick perspex acrylic. They were supplied with standoff fixings and a paper template. The name of the font was Comic Sans.

Styrofoam Chrome Display Letters

Letters made from styrofoam are durable and light. Ideal for exhibitions, events, shop displays, show rooms,  and corporate signs in office reception areas. The letters are used by commercial photographers for photoshoots. Styrofoam letters are similar to polystyrene letters but the cell structure of styrofoam is so small, less than a millimetre. The material is […]

Polystyrene Letters For Shop Window Displays

Polystyrene Letters for shop displays. The image here shows polystyene letters which were 250mm high, 50mm thick. The letters were yellow gloss with white sides. The font used was Helvetica Medium. The letters were made for a customer who used them in a shop window display.