Cast Resin Logo

3D logo text, artwork was given to us as a jpeg file, we then vectorized it and converted it to an EPS file which allowed us to produce a mould to cast the logo from. The mould process only allowed for the production of one cast and that was all that was needed for the job. The logo was 100mm high and 12mm thick, brass locators on the back, supplied to the customer with a paper template for fixing onto a rendered brick shop front located in France. The logo was painted in a matt red finish. if the customer required more than one 3d logo we would have used the cast logo as a pattern to copy from and we could have then reproduced a number of their Logos for use inside the shop or for In-Store display purposes.

3D Logos

3D logo of the ‘MISH logo for a shop sign.

500mm x 200mm, 50mm thick.

Pinted in a white matt masonry paint suitable for use outside.

The logo was made from a closed-cell high density extruded polystyrene foam also known as Strofoam or SelectaFoam.


Office Wall Shelf Logo

Brushed aluminium styrofoam logo. 150mm high, 50mm thick. Silver painted sides and back.

office-shelf-logosbrushed-aluminium-styrofoam-letter-aBusiness office wall shelf logos and letters. Custom made to order in various materials. Office display logos.

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Big Clear 3D Acrylic Office Logo Signs

10mm thick clear acrylic sign with polished edges and standoff chrome fixings. Example shows 1400mm x 200mm sign, 25mm thick letters painted to pantone matched colours.