Printed Logo Stickers

NHBC logo stickers for use on vehicles. Printed onto exterior grade vinyl and printed with a Gerber Edge thermal printer. The thermal printer has a printing area of 295mm x 50M off the roll. The gerber edge printer is best for printing simple logos and spot colour work. The print process is specifically designed for printing onto self adhesive vinyl for outside use.

Printed logo stickers are very useful for putting onto commercial vans and cars for branding purposes and advertising. Vinyl logo stickers are also used on shop signs and shop window graphics.

Vinyl logo stickers are used for branding vehicles of all types. Logos on estate agent cars to identify them to their client, vinyl logos on taxi cabs to identify them from other vehicles, vinyl logos on buses. Most commercial vehicles will have vinyl sticker logos on their vehicles to identify them.

Nearly all commercial lorries will have Branding on the vehicles. Most of the graphics will be on the large panels on the side of the lorries which will be screen printed or digitally printed onto the PVC panels. The Smaller sticker logos on the side drivers door and passenger doors as well as on the back door panels will be vinyl sticker logos.

Vinyl logo stickers are found on many products that are used for out side use because vinyl logo stickers are water resistant and do not fade in the sun. Sailing boats are a good example where vinyl logos are used to brand the name of the manufacturer of the boats. The names of the boats are also made with vinyl lettering.

Everywhere you look you will see vinyl logo stickers without really thinking about it, they are everywhere, they are on the cars you drive, the bins outside your house, the shops you visit and on road signage you read. On the products you own from golfing clubs to scuba diving equipment. Vinyl sticker logos identify products and brand your life.