Hotel Sign Letters made From Cast Resin

Cast resin letters. 380mm high, 25mm thick, painted brown. Garamond font.

Ideal for permanent signage on buildings.


Stainless Steel Plaques

Business plaques. Stainless steel. 1.5mm thick, brushed finish. Logo supplied as a vector graphic. Engraved logo infilled to match pantone colours267/7444. Size of plaque 165mm x 470mm.

Stainless steel Plaques

Metal House Signs

Metal house signs are a durable long lasting method of producing signs.  Metal signs can be made from 3mm thick aluminium or 3mm thick aluminium composite. Aluminium composite is a material made by laminating a thin layer of aluminium to a polyurethane core with a thin aluminium backing to make a 3mm thick aluminium composite, aluminium composite is used for shop signs and for cladding of commercial buildings , it is strong stable and long lasting, resisting all weather conditions and temperatures.

The lettering on the signs is thermal printed, meaning the lettering will not fade or come off.

House signs can also come in gold, black, dark green, burgandy or brown.



Stone Signs

Faux stone signs made from styrofoam or polystyrene with a thin layer of textured  grey limestone. Designed for interior retail displays although all the materials we use should make it suitable for exterior applications as well.