Giant Brass Letters

Very large cast brass letters, 15″ high (380mm), 1/2″ thick(12.5mm), solid polished cast brass, custom made in the customers own font, font similar to Arial Bold. Supplied with paper template and stainless steel rod fixings.


giant-brass-letters-380mmhigh-12mmthick-polished  big-brass-letter-B

Cast brass letters are custom made to order and are not a stock item and require a long lead time to process and make. Large brass letters are suitable for prestigious property name signs where the name of the building will not change and where the letters need to last the life of the building. High polished letters require regular polishing to maintain their appearance. large cast brass letters are not lacquered.

For advice and a price send us an email with your requirements, all big cast brass letters are made to order and require a long lead time to make.