Threaded Rod fixings

Threaded Rod fixings
(only supplied when requested with an additional charge)

Threaded rod is used when fixing moulded lettering to an uneven surface, or where
the lettering may be subject to vandalism. The threaded rod is secured to the rear of the lettering using a ‘keyhole’ fixture. a fixing template is provided which is offered up to the fascia and drilled with slightly larger diameter holes than the rod.
Silicon is then injected into the holes. The lettering is then pushed into the holes until level.

Simplefix Fixings

Simple fix fixings (our standard fixing)

Simple fix fixings or AXI-FIX fixings are a 2 part system used to fix flat cut or
moulded letters to  brick walls, wooden fascias,
metal cladded fascias or plastic fascias.

The stud fixing which is already attached on the back of the letter  will have been placed on a paper layout to punch a hole in the paper leaving a registration mark making a fixing template. The fixing template is then positioned where required on the fascia and the fixing points are drilled. The female cups are then screwed to the fascia using 1? posidrive, plated pan head screws. The lettering is then pushed into the cups until an audible click is heard.

Gold Moulded Times Bold bevel Face Lettering – Cornish Pasty House

The only cornish pasty house in Denmark.

Shop Front Sign -Funky Fresh

Funky Fresh Shop Front Sign.

Purple shop sign with vnyl lettering applied onto a 3mm thick aluminium composite.

Shop Front Signs.


Shop front Sign – Innovation

Innovation Shop Front Sign Layout.

The sign measured 3790mm x 920mm with black 5mm thick acrylic letters on stand off fixings.  The customer fitted it. The sign was located in Birmingham, England.

The panels were made from 3mm thick aluminium composite.

The smaller text was made as vinyl lettering, also in black.

The font used on the main text was called Tahoma Bold.

Shop Signs.

Shop Front Sign – Bostico International

Bostico International Shop Front Sign.

The Bostico sign was made from two sheets of plastic with a join in the middle and was vinyl faced, the sign was fitted into an anodized Panatrim Frame. The letters were made from 5mm thick silver cast acrylic with  stand off fixings on the back to a depth of 20mm which gave the sign a 3D .

This image was taken from our photo archives, the size of the sign I would estimate to be arround 16′ long by 2′ high.

Shop front Signs.

Shop front Sign – La Sweet Fashion

La Sweet Fashion layout for shop front sign.

The size of the sign will be 3000mm x 600mm in 3mm thick opal acrylic with pink and black vinyl applied. The existing old sign panel was delivered to us for cleaning and re-using. It is not cheaper than a new panel but it does save landfill. Re using something is the perfect way to recycle.

The font shown on the layout is Edwardian Script, The small text is Gill Sans font.

To make the sign we shall cover the acrylic in a sheet of pink and the well will apply a sheet of black with the letters cut out.

The customer is going to fit it into an existing illuminated box.

 Shop Front Signs.

Brushed Gold Cast Resin Letters

Brushed Gold Painted Cast Resin Letters.

The word ‘take2′ was made for a shop sign, the letters measured 250mm high, 25mm thick, They had brass locators on the back.
This type of lettering is ideal for shop signs as well as for architectural signage as the letters should last for decades, They will not rod or rust.

Gold painted resin letters are popular with Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels.

Cast resin letters


faux Metal Cast Resin Letters

Silver Painted Cast Resin and composite Letters, faux metal letters. Oasis letters sign project. The letters were made 15? high in a Garamond Bold Font. The 3D letters were 20mm thick and had brass locators on the back for fixing to the shop sign by the customer. The customer wanted Garamond Bold. We had Garamond in our standard list for moulded letters but not Bold, so we offered the customer the letters in cast resin instead. Making letters in cast resin allowed us to produce the letters as requested.

Cast resin letters.