Gold Moulded Numbers

Gold moulded numbers made from 3mm thick acrylic formed over a pattern to produce a 3D number. This number was part of a larger job for a Shop Front Sign supplied for DIY fitting by the customer. This number was used as part of the telephone number. The larger letters were 600mm high. The telephone number ended up 8″ high (200mm).

Polystyrene Letters – Who Said..?

Big painted polystyrene letters for an Event.

The letters were 600mm high, 200mm thick, painted red matt all over, free standing.
We messed about with the video to make it a bit more fun.

Gold Card Faced Polystyrene

The word ‘YES’ was made from polystyrene. The letters had a gold coloured front and red painted sides.

The letters were part of a larger order to be used on an exhibition stand.


Hotel Sign Letters made From Cast Resin

Cast resin letters. 380mm high, 25mm thick, painted brown. Garamond font.

Ideal for permanent signage on buildings.