3D Letter Signs

3D letter signs for the office wall.

We supply sign letters in various materials for use for office wall sign displays. Our most popular are XPSFOAM letters and acrylic letters.

XPSFOAM Letters are painted in a vinyl matt emulsion to any Pantone colour. They are custom cut to order in any font and any size up to 600mm high. They are available in 25mm thick, 50mm thick and 75mm thick. XPSFOAM logos are also available custom-made to order up to 600mm high by 1200mm long as one piece, also in thicknesses of 25mm, 50mm, or 75mm.


Acrylic Letters and Logos are custom-made to order and are available in a wide range of colours. Letters are cut out of 5mm thick cast acrylic (perspex). They can be supplied with or without stand-off fixings.

Gold Coloured Cast Acrylic Letters