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Makers and Suppliers of Metal and Plastic Signs, Sign Lettering and Business Plaques or use our Contact Form

Arro Signs. 7A Bemister Road, Winton, Bournemouth, Dorset. BH9 1LF. Tel: 01202 546540.

Self adhesive pre spaced vinyl lettering. Available from 25mm high up to 575mm high.
Colours available.

Other colours are available, just ask.


Prices are based on the capital height of the lettering for Times Roman type fonts and for Arial type fonts and some script fonts such as Brush Script.

If you wish to order a Script font such as Balmoral font,
we will measure the lettering from the very top to the very
 bottom of the script.

To place your order for vinyl lettering. Decide on the height of lettering required and count the amount of letters, select the correct buy now button and add to cart, select the amount of letters and pay for the letters on the checkout.

Next, send us an email, telling us what font you want to use as long as it is a standard windows font we should have it. Tell us
the colour you want and confirm the height of the letters. It might also be an idea to tell us what space the letters are fitting into just incase. If you want the letters for fitting onto the inside of a window remember to ask for the letters in reverse.

You can also use this contact form to send us the information if you wish.
Contact Form

Choose any font you like on your computer, hopefully we should have it,
if we don't we will get back to you.

10mm high
20 pence each. 
110mm high,
1.10 pence each.
210mm high,
2.10 each.
310mm high,
3.10 each.
410mm high,
4.10 each.
510mm high,
5.10 each.
20mm high
20 pence each.
120mm high,
1.20 each.
220mm high,
2.20 each.
320mm high,
3.20 each.
420mm high,
4.20 each.
520mm high,
5.20 each.
30mm high,
 30 pence each.
130mm high,
1.30 each.
230mm high,
2.30 each.
330mm high,
3.30 each.
430mm high,
4.30 each.
530mm high,
5.30 each.
40mm high,
40 pence each.
140mm high,
1.40 each.
240mm high,
2.40 each.
340mm high,
3.40 each.
440mm high,
4.40 each.
540mm high,
5.40 each.
50mm high,
50 pence each.
150mm high,
1.50 each.
250mm high,
350mm high,
3.50 each.
450mm high,
4.50 each.
550mm high,
5.50 each.
60mm high,
60 pence each.
160mm high,
1.60 each.
260mm high,
360mm high,
3.60 each.
460mm high,
4.60 each.
560mm high,
5.60 each.
70mm high,
70 pence each.
170mm high,
1.70 each.
270mm high,
2.70 each.
370mm high,
3.70 each.
470mm high,
4.70 each.
570mm high,
5.70 each.
80mm high,
80 pence each.
180mm high,
1.80 each.
280mm high,
2.80 each.
380mm high,
3.80 each.
480mm high,
4.80 each.
90mm high,
90 pence each.
190mm high,
1.90 each.
290mm high,
2.90 each.
390mm high,
3.90 each.
490mm high,
4.90 each.
100mm high,
1.00 each.
200mm high,
2.00 each.
300mm high.
3.00 each.
400mm high,
4.00 each.
500mm high,
4.90 each.
      Not all prices have a buy now.    

Delivery is charged from
 6 per order.
 Prices include vat.


We also make vinyl logos from customers own EPS FILES from vector artwork.
 Up to a maximum size of 570mm high.

Price for logos calculated simply by measuring the line length of a logo in cm and then
 multiply it by 0.25 pence per cm length.
Prices are based on producing a one colour logo in vinyl.

A logo 110cm long will cost 110x0.25=27.50.
 A 50cm long logo costs 50x0.25=12.50 each.
 A logo 30cm long costs 30x0.25=7.50 each.

To purchase a logo, use the buy now button below, work out how much you think it costs, enter the number in the space provided and pay. Next send us an email with your details and a file attachment of the vector logo. Prices include vat already. Remember delivery charge is from 6 for delivery.

Click on the link below will allow you to send us a payment for the above logo prices. Click the link, enter the amount you are going to pay.

If you like the above prices but prefer to send us the artwork with relevant information, we will then send you a quote and deal with the enquiry by email or over the phone.

Our most popular fonts are Helvetica and Times New Roman.
Contact us for a quote.

logo3.jpg (15558 bytes)
Makers and Suppliers of Metal and Plastic Signs, Sign Lettering and Business Plaques or use our Contact Form