Hotel Sign Letters made From Cast Resin

Cast resin letters. 380mm high, 25mm thick, painted brown. Garamond font.

Ideal for permanent signage on buildings.


Creative Sign Letters

Textured sign letters. 3D Letters with a textured finish can be made in resin or styrofoam. The letters are then coated in a liquefied stone finish and painted.

Gold Titanium Colour stainless Steel Letters

Gold colour stainless steel letter N

All letters are custom cut to order. please feel free to ask for a price. Cut in any font any size.


Correx letters

3D Letter B.

Correx 3D letter B made for a commercial photo shoot.

The letters are to be taken to Europe for photographing in snow for a snowboarding brand.

This sample letter was 500mm high.

Green Chrome Sign Letters

Green chrome sign lettering. Made in various fonts and sizes from a standard range of fonts. Suitable for shops signs or interior visual displays.

Green chrome sign letters.


faux Stone Letters

faux stone letters made from Cast resin with a textured finish, ideal for art shops, craft shops. Could work well with museums or interior design shops.

Ask for a price. All letters are custom made to order.

Textured Sign Letters

Be creative. Textured sign letters, painted in a two colour finish.  use your imagination.

All letters custom cut to order, coated in a thin layer of stone particles to give a textured finish. Coloured in sandstone, limestone or painted to a creative finish.



Silver Coloured Pub Sign Letters

Silver moulded acrylic. Times Bold Bevel Face. Pub Sign Letters.

Part of an order for 3D letters supplied to a Jewellery Shop for their new Sign. For DIY fitting by the shop fitter/.

Pub Sign Letters.