Coloured Moulded letters

COLOURED MOULDED  LETTERS. Coloured moulded letters are made from 3mm thick cast acrylic sheet which is heated up in an oven and then vacuum formed over  solid wood composite forms. The waste from the formed shape is then sliced off with a very large bandsaw or similar machine. The back of the letters are then […]

3D Printed Lettering

3D printed lettering or maybe 3D printed logos, product development, ideal method of producing small logos and letters, artwork created on a 3D design software, also useful method of producing patterns for stone casting signs or cast resin signs and for producing patterns for casting in metal. Example shows a letter ‘B’ in an old […]

Polystyrene Lettering – Gold faced with red painted sides

Gold letter ‘E’ made from gold vinyl faced card on brick red colour painted styrofoam. The letters were made to order for a customer who used them for a shop window display in London. The letters were 300mm high 75mm thick.

Polystyrene letters – Orange Vinyl Faced Card

Orange Letter ‘A’ made from vinyl faced card on white polystyrene HDFRA grade. The letters were made for a shop display. The letters were 2oomm high and 50mm thick. The customer supplied the artwork as a vector graphic as an eps file. The letters were emboldened a little to allow for cutting.