How to Stick Vinyl lettering onto a Florists Shop Window.

How to Stick Vinyl lettering onto a Florists Shop Window.

For this example we shall describe how to fit white stick on letters measuring 75mm high, with 10 lines of text with a maximum line length of 2000mm. The font used will be Helvetica Medium.

The reason for using white vinyl lettering is because it will show up the most on glass against the darkness of the inside of the shop. The height of 75mm is often used on windows for bullet points for listing the services available in shop windows. The font Helvetica medium is chosen because it is one of the clearest and legible font styles to read at a distance.

The lettering is best ordered cut in reverse for sticking onto the inside of the glass so that it can be read from the street without the chance of it being vandalised. Ask the Sign Company to cut the lettering in line mode which means that the lettering will be supplied pre-spaced on a panel of silicon backing paper with a carrier tape over the face of the letters.

Preparation before fitting vinyl lettering is very important, clean the shop window with water and remove any marks on the glass as they will effect the performance of the lettering. Remove any residue from glue left by previous signage and any other marks. The window will now be ready to start fitting the vinyl lettering.

Measure the window and place the panel of vinyl onto the glass, hold it in place with masking tape along the top edge of the panel. If the lettering is not in the correct position it can be adjusted. Check the position of the panel, check it three times and fit it only once. Remember the lettering can not be moved after it has been stick to the glass.

When you are sure the panel is in the correct position you will be ready to slowly peel back the application tape. Rub the application tape that holds the vinyl lettering to the window, Slowly peel the silicon paper down the window, continue to rub the application tape transferring the letters onto the glass.

Take your time, methodically move your hand rubbing down the tape, use the side of your thumb and rub the tape onto the glass in long slow sweeps in single directions left to right then right to left, if you apply too much pressure the vinyl lettering and tape will stretch and distort.

Eventually all the lettering will be stuck to the glass and the silicon backing paper will fall away to the floor. The window will now have the vinyl lettering applied to the glass with the application carrier tape on top. Rub the lettering down a couple of times to remove as many air bubbles as possible. Pull the application tape off the glass and lettering carefully, leaving the lettering on the glass. Some air bubbles may be trapped between the lettering and the glass, leave the bubbles alone as they will disappear in a number of days.

The dry method of applying lettering onto glass is the fastest way to apply but it does cause problems with air bubbles and possible creasing of the letters if you apply too much pressure when rubbing down.

Vinyl lettering on shop windows is an effective method of outdoor advertising on the high street. It is usually a very effective form of advertising and product promotion.

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