Stainless steel dedication plaque

Stainless steel plaque -dedication plaque.

297mm x 210mm. 1.5mm thick, brushed stainless steel with engraved lettering, black text in an Albertus font.
Hardwood timber base, dark oak stained and varnish. Brass screw fixings with brushed metal caps.


Brass Plaques

Brass Plaques.

Brass plaques are made to order to your requirements. We engrave our plaques and chemical etch them depending on the job. If the plaque has a logo on it we usually etch it, we engrave the plaques when text is required. Most brass plaques have a black infill. Letters and logos can be of any colour fill. Most plaques have a black colour fill to the text.

Plaques can be supplied with a hardwood timber base if required.

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Printed Logo Stickers

NHBC logo stickers for use on vehicles. Printed onto exterior grade vinyl and printed with a Gerber Edge thermal printer. The thermal printer has a printing area of 295mm x 50M off the roll. The gerber edge printer is best for printing simple logos and spot colour work. The print process is specifically designed for printing onto self adhesive vinyl for outside use.

Printed logo stickers are very useful for putting onto commercial vans and cars for branding purposes and advertising. Vinyl logo stickers are also used on shop signs and shop window graphics.

Vinyl logo stickers are used for branding vehicles of all types. Logos on estate agent cars to identify them to their client, vinyl logos on taxi cabs to identify them from other vehicles, vinyl logos on buses. Most commercial vehicles will have vinyl sticker logos on their vehicles to identify them.

Nearly all commercial lorries will have Branding on the vehicles. Most of the graphics will be on the large panels on the side of the lorries which will be screen printed or digitally printed onto the PVC panels. The Smaller sticker logos on the side drivers door and passenger doors as well as on the back door panels will be vinyl sticker logos.

Vinyl logo stickers are found on many products that are used for out side use because vinyl logo stickers are water resistant and do not fade in the sun. Sailing boats are a good example where vinyl logos are used to brand the name of the manufacturer of the boats. The names of the boats are also made with vinyl lettering.

Everywhere you look you will see vinyl logo stickers without really thinking about it, they are everywhere, they are on the cars you drive, the bins outside your house, the shops you visit and on road signage you read. On the products you own from golfing clubs to scuba diving equipment. Vinyl sticker logos identify products and brand your life.


Roman Hand Chiselled Font

Cast resin letters in a Roman Hand Chiselled Font.

Available in various sizes and colours. Architectural letters for permanent sign lettering.

Cast resin letters.

Dimensional Sign Letters – Painted Styrofoam

Styrofoam dimensional sign letters. Styrofoam letters for shop front signs, outside use on a fascia sign, painted with a durable masonry paint.

Styrofoam letters. 425mm high, 50mm thick.




Every business or place of work will at sometime need signs. These days more and more signs are also being supplied to the domestic market.


Shops need shop front signs for their fascia, also vinyl lettering for the window advertising not forgetting pavement signs for fixed message advertising or poster holders. There are a wide range of choices such as vinyl lettering onto a rigid panel for the shop front sign or you can have 3D letters in brushed or polished stainless steel or moulded acrylic letters available in a range of colours. Poster holder pavement signs are now available in a range of coloured frames to suit a colour scheme or in the standard anodised aluminium colour.

Industrial signs

Businesses on industrial sites all require branding, internal informational signs, safety signs, notice boards and on occasions, prestigious opening plaques or presentation plaques that are given to staff or distributors. Depending on the position of the unit the business may also require post mounted aluminium signs or large forecourt signs which stay in situ.

Office signs

Office blocks and businesses within the blocks all require signs. The office block will have its property name often in built up stainless steel along with the property number. Alternatively a prestigious stainless steel plaque or brass plaque can be used. A changeable directory on the ground floor to show who occupies each floor can be supplied in many formats and sizes. Each business on the relevant floor will need its branding/signage to reflect its business impress clients who visit. Again safety signs will be required. Window graphics are also a good way to advertise if you are a business that is not on the ground floor and you want your presence known.


Builders, plumbers, gas engineers, garden maintenance, decorators, plasterers in fact any trade will need signs. Vehicle graphics for mobile advertising or magnetic signs if you don’t want the vehicle permanently sign written. Correx boards are the way to advertise when on site or when working at different properties. These boards are an economical way to advertise your business and are very sturdy and can survive being thrown around in the back of a van. If you’re in a service industry then advertising stickers that you leave behind on the appliance so that your customer remembers to contact you if they need help again (and not your competitors).

Schools, Councils, Government

Any school or council or government building will have some type of branding. Individual cut out letters, post mounted aluminium signs, prestigious brass plaque or stainless steel plaque, wall mounted alupanel signs – there is always a system available to suit your particular requirements or budget. Directional signs either wall or post mounted are a must as there is usually a large amount of pedestrian traffic around these buildings who need to know where everything is located. Safety signs will be in evidence. Lockable notice boards for exterior or interior use which can also be post mounted and are available in different colours to suit the colour scheme of the building. Directory signs to indicate where various departments are located – interchangeable as these departments are often rebranded or moved around. Anti vandal signs using clear polycarbonate with reverse printed graphics apart from having the anti vandal properties also have a modern and clean look to them. PVC banners which are used for temporary events such as fetes, polling stations at election time, advertising or recruitment drives. Correx boards again for the same advertising but in a smaller format for placing around the area or grounds.

Professional Businesses – Architects, Solicitors, Dentist Practices, Doctors, Accountants.

Most professionals have plaques that show their credentials to clients in either stainless steel or brass mounted onto solid timber bases. These are usually mounted at the entrance to the business property. If the business is on the high street then a shop front sign reflecting the business is required. Interchangeable directories listing the partners in a prominent position again normally mounted at the entrance to the business or property is a must.

Hotel and Resturants

Signage for hotels and restaurants is very important as it is often what draws the clientèle into the business off the street or attracts them from a website image. An old or dishevelled sign will not bring in the bookings. Signs can be supplied as flat panels with graphics applied or with 3D letters with or without illumination – or the illumination can be external as in overhead lights. An exterior lockable illuminated menu board outside the premises advertising the wares and prices of the restaurant or hotel is a standard way of advertising. Internal signs for hotels as directional signs can be produced in various formats. Engraved laminate or engraved acrylic for door names and room names. Printed text laminated onto acrylic or standard vinyl text applied to panels. Individual cut out letters for reception signage. Safety signs and other relevant informational signs can be provided as printed stickers or semi rigid sign panels printed to order.

Home, Domestic and private signs

More and more people are using signs in their home life. Common requests are for `No Parking` signs as with the increase in cars on the road driveways are being blocked more frequently. Private roads in newly built developments require road signs that match the standard council signs or can be supplied as traditional die pressed metal signs. House numbers in contemporary or traditional styles/fonts supplied with concealed fixings for D.I.Y fitting in stainless steel or acrylic. House names supplied as individual cut out letters or engraved plaques in brass or stainless steel or again in acrylic. Interior decorating now incorporates individual cut out letters in stainless steel either flat cut or built up and supplied with concealed fixings for a modern and contemporary look. Used in the kitchen as a decoration or in a bedroom with a personalised name. 3D letters can also be supplied in a dense foam which can be fixed directly to the wall and then painted over in the same colour as the wall giving a subtle relief effect design- all letters are cut to order and to the size /design required.

Exhibition and Display

All around the country exhibitions are held for various types of industries. The stand will require branding and a good way to do this is to have cut out polystyrene letters in the companies font and colour scheme. 3D polystyrene letters are cut to order to the size required and can be supplied either painted all over or card and vinyl faced with painted or natural white sides. Polystyrene letters are lightweight and are an economic way to produce large, thick letters which stand out. They can be fixed to a panel ( if not too large) or fixed direct to the stand wall using Velcro.


School Signs

School Signs – Signs for Schools – Sign Solutions for Schools,

There are so many headings that we could use. Schools need signs for so many applications. School entrance signs, school directional signs, school safety signs, internal directional signs, notice boards, lockable notice boards, presentation plaques, opened by plaques the list is endless.

School Informational signage

All schools have lockable notice boards either for exterior use in the playground keeping parents up to date with all the schools news and current affairs or internal lockable notice boards for use by teachers and students. The exterior lockable notice boards can be either wall mounted or fixed onto metal posts. The exterior grade lockable notice boards are made to a different specification to the internal lockable notice boards. They have a more robust construction and are available with a magnetic metal internal panel so that bluetac /tape or magnets can be used. The school’s name can also be added as a header either inside the lockable notice board or as a separate header above. The internal lockable notice boards come with a felt internal backing panel (fire retardant) and all lockable notice boards have polycarbonate doors. They come in many different sizes ranging from A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0 or as 20 x 30, 30 x 40, and 40 x 60. Certain type of lockable notice boards can be made to order to a specified size. Certain ranges of lockable notice boards can also be supplied with internal illumination.

School Presentation Signs

With so many schools being upgraded, renamed or rebranded there is a requirement for `opened by` plaques which can be made in either stainless steel or brass. They are etched / engraved and with the text filled in black however the text can also be filled in a colour relevant to the school. The schools logo or crest can also be included and filled either in black or the schools colours. The stainless steel plaques or brass plaques can also be supplied with a solid timber base which sets of the stainless steel plaque or brass plaque really well. It also gives a good base for the stainless steel plaque or brass plaque if it is being fitted outside on brick or rendered wall. The stainless steel plaque or brass plaque can be made to the size required although A4 tends to be a popular default size.

School Entrance Signs

Aluminium signs on metal posts are used for most school entrance signs. The posts are usually about 75mm diameter and are fixed to the aluminium sign panel with chanel fixing to the rear of the aluminium sign panel – the same as you see with road and traffic signs. The aluminium sign panel is supplied as 3mm thick and with radius corners, The vinyl graphics are either self adhesive applied vinyl or digitally printed graphics which are laminated to the 3mm aluminium sign panel – it depends on the artwork as to which method is used. It is usually advisable to have the graphics laminated with a clear anti graffiti laminate. The 3mm aluminium sign panel can also be supplied with holes drilled for wall fixing. These signs are the first thing prospective parents will see when visiting the school and are usually the starting point for the school branding .

School Name and Identity

An alternative and popular modern way of naming a school is to have brushed stainless steel letters or polished stainless steel letters. Stainless steel letters can be fixed to exterior walls with either brass locator fixings which automatically raise the letters away from the wall or threaded rod fixings so that the letters can be fitted flush to the wall or to your own spacing. Stainless steel letters come in different thicknesses either 1.5mm, 2mm or 3mm. Polished stainless steel letters are supplied in 3mm thickness as a default because if you used a thinner stainless steel the fixings could show through the face. The brushed stainless steel can be supplied in any of the thicknesses. As all letters are supplied to order they can be cut in any suitable font or to artwork supplied in the correct format. If the school is close to the sea then it would be recommended to use 316 marine grade stainless steel. Stainless steel letters are also available as built up stainless steel. These are metal letters which are built up with a return to them (return being 10% of the letters height as a rule of thumb) making the metal letters look like they are really thick and solid.

School Wayfinding and Directional Signage

Internal signage for schools is varied. To name or label a school block or area you can either have a basic sign in 3mm alupanel (an aluminium composite material) with self adhesive vinyl graphics applied or for a more prestigious look you can use acrylic moulded letters or reflective moulded letters. Again the metal letters can also be used as they can be cut quite small if required. When supplied on a smaller scale they are supplied with a double sided tape to the rear for fixing. The moulded acrylic letters or reflective moulded letters are supplied in standard colours and to standard fonts and sizes which covers most schools requirements. They can also be made to the schools font and height but that would require a new mould being made and at an extra cost. If the signs are in a heavy traffic area and need to be safe from little hands then clear acrylic with reverse printed graphics is a good option. They can be easily cleaned and the graphic is safe behind the clear acrylic. The clear acrylic signs can be screw fixed to doors or fixed above the door by screws or double sided tape. Engraved laminate is another safe option as the text cannot be picked off .Laminate is supplied in various colour ways. For a more prestigious look gold acrylic can be engraved and filled black and has the advantage over brass of not needing to be polished. Door numbers can be supplied in either flat cut acrylic supplied with holes drilled or stainless steel. Flat cut acrylic numbers can be supplied in any standard suitable font and as they are cut to order any suitable size. Acrylic colours range from black/white/red/green/blue/gold/silver -see the acrylic colour chart for the full range. Stainless steel metal numbers are the same as flat cut acrylic being cut to order and to the size and font required. Brushed stainless steel numbers or polished stainless steel numbers can be glued in position if they are too small to have holes drilled.

School Advertising and Fundraising Signs

There is often a need for temporary signs for fetes, fairs , concerts and other fundraising events. Banners are a good way to advertise these events. Banners are made from reinforced PVC and if stored properly can last for years. Banners are supplied hemmed and eyeleted all round ready to hang. PVC banners can advertise a one off event or a regular annual event . As the banners are eyeleted all round they are easily hung on the school fence. If you need to advertise in lots of places then correx boards are the answer. Correx is a fluted lightweight board which is very durable and can be tied in place or mounted onto a solid back board if it is to be freestanding. Correx sign panels can be screen printed (if a large quantity is required) or supplied with self adhesive vinyl graphics applied.

Site Boards

Site boards for the building Trade and related services. The signs are made from 4mm thick correx which is a fluted plastic similar construction to corrigated card for boxes but made from plastic and very strong and durable, almost unbreakable which makes it the ideal material for use with builders boards.

32″ x 48″ 10 off

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