Shop Front Sign – It’s Epic

A sign made from 3mm aluminium laminate.  5490mm x 457mm supplied and fitted in Bournemouth. The sign was supplied as three sections and screwed direct to the brickwork.

We also supplied vinyl lettering that was cut in reverse and fitted to the inside of the window.


Shop Front Signs

A type of sign that we have found popular with the Antiques trade has been our clear acrylic signs with gold lettering on produced in a Times Roman font. The signs are made from 10mm thick acrylic with polished edges and supplied with chrome stand off fixings. The maximum size for a panel is 3000mm by 600 high.

The signs are suitable for fixing onto timber shop fronts or flat masonry rendered shop fronts or any flat exterior surface.

trumeau 1

trumeau 2

Cast Resin Logo

3D logo text, artwork was given to us as a jpeg file, we then vectorized it and converted it to an EPS file which allowed us to produce a mould to cast the logo from. The mould process only allowed for the production of one cast and that was all that was needed for the job. The logo was 100mm high and 12mm thick, brass locators on the back, supplied to the customer with a paper template for fixing onto a rendered brick shop front located in France. The logo was painted in a matt red finish. if the customer required more than one 3d logo we would have used the cast logo as a pattern to copy from and we could have then reproduced a number of their Logos for use inside the shop or for In-Store display purposes.

Cannington News – News Agents Shop Front Sign

Cannington News shop sign supplied for DIY fitting into existing metal frame to replace existing sign using the same layout as previously used. The sign was made from 3mm thick aluminium composite with blue lettering in a Dom Casual italic font and Arial font.

Shop Front Sign – Jewellers Shop

Jewellers shop sign. 2700mm x 440mm. Black on white sign made from 3mm thick aluminium composite panel. Font: Edwardian Script.

The sign was supplied for DIY fitting to the customer, they used  their own local carpenter to fit the sign onto the shop front which was located inside a shopping centre in Boscombe which is a district of Bournemouth.

Shop Front Signs – Aluminium Composite Panels

Shop Front Sign layout for Stretch Ceilings and Walls.

5520mm x 1140mm. 3mm aluminium composite. Supplied as three panels 1840mm long x 1140mm.

Panel colour white.

Text colours, cosmos blue and cherry red.  Bernhard Mod bt and Arial.

Shop Fronts

Digital image taken in workshop.


Stainless Steel Signs

Stainless Steel Signs. Sign made from stainless steel. Stainless steel letters mounted onto a stainless steel panel.

Stainless steel signs.


Beauty Salon Shop Sign Layout

Beauty Salon shop front sign layout.

The sign was made of 3mm thick aluminium laminate. Vinyl faced with purple. The letters were gloss silver and the font used was called Bauhaus Md bt. The customer supplied the initial visual which we then adjusted to fit the size of the shop front. The new layout was then emailed back to the client for approval. The sign was then made and sent via TNT delivery service to London for the customer to fit.

The size of the sign was 1000mm high x 4850mm long.



Sign for Bicycle Shop

Bicycle shop front sign.

750mm x 4880mm vinyl faced aluminium laminate sign.

Apple green vinyl with black text with a white outline.

Font used Impact.

Sign supplied to customer for DIY fitting.


Brass Locators

Brass Locators
(only supplied when requested with an additional charge)

Brass locators are a 2 part system used to fix flat-cut or moulded lettering. The stud fixing which is already attached on the back of the letter  will have been placed on a paper layout to punch a hole in the paper leaving a registration mark making a fixing template. The fixing template is then positioned where required on the fascia and the fixing points are drilled. The female cups are then screwed to the fascia using 1? posidrive, plated pan head screws. The lettering is then pushed into the cups and tightened with a spanner.