Brass Plaques


Brass engraved or brass etched plaques are a prestigious and classic way to celebrate or commemorate an event. Whether it is an opening ceremony, a naming of a building or office or historical house you cannot go wrong with a traditional engraved brass plaque. Brass plaques are also popular for use as memorial plaques and as memorial bench plaques.

Accountants offices, Dentist surgeries, Doctors surgeries, Solicitors, Architects in fact all types of professional bodies use brass engraved plaques to either advertise the presence of their offices or show their professional qualifications. Business plaques which show the registered office address.

Brass plaques are used in hotels to name the different suites or room areas – also on the doors to indicate either the managers /staff rooms. Public houses where the licensee has to be shown above the doorway.

In fact wherever a classic, traditional and high class look is required an engraved brass plaque does the job.

Brass plaques are all made to order and to the size required. Brass engraved plaques can be supplied cut to an oval shape if required as well as the traditional rectangle/square however this can limit the layout of the text.

Brass plaques are traditionally ink filled in black however when a company logo is required a colour fill can be used however this has to balanced against the colour of the brass. (Not all colours show up well on a brass plaque).

Nearly any font can be used on a brass engraved plaque although when a large amount of text is required it is generally better to use a standard Arial or Helvetica font for legibility.

Where a logo or very small text is required the brass plaque will be chemically etched. This process enables very fine detail to be achieved. This process is also used for crests, coats of arms, school branding or industry body logos.

Brass is characterised by its versatile properties which are modified by changing the ratios of copper and zinc and with the addition of other elements such as tin and aluminium. For high quality plaques specific engraving brass CZ120 is used. (59% Cu + 39% Zn + 2% PB) with a small amount of lead.

Concrete Letters – LOVE

Concrete letters.

Concrete word: LOVE.


!st cast concrete of word. Mix needs changing a little less aggregate. Looking for a smoother finish although I like the existing finish.

Letter a – Polystyrene

Letter a

Letter ‘a’ made from polystyrene.

The letter was part of job supplied to a commercial photographer to be used in advertising.

Gold Card Faced Polystyrene

The word ‘YES’ was made from polystyrene. The letters had a gold coloured front and red painted sides.

The letters were part of a larger order to be used on an exhibition stand.


Cast Bronze House Sign – The Stackyard

Cast bronze house signs. The Stackyard. 350mm x 260mm, 12mm thick, black back colour fill and lacquered. Bronze lettering and edge brushed finish also lacquered. Hidden stud fixings on the back for cementing into a stone wall. Weight 12kg.


To make an enquiry or place an order, send us an email with information of the size of the sign that you would like to have, the wording on the sign and the font, there is no limit to the fonts or design. We produce the signs from eps vector artwork, so if you supply us with a jpeg image we would need to convert it to a vector artwork before we can make the pattern and then cast it in bronze. Bronze plaques last a life time and are the ideal solution for prestigious house signs and property names.