Air Conditioning Symbol

We looked on the internet for this symbol and could not trace it very easily, so here it is for free.

A vector version embedded inside a PDF file. To get the vector file open the PDF in most  graphic design software programs and it should work. It is visually correct for cutting in vinyl but it might need tweeking.



We photographed an old exisitng sign and then imported the image  into a Corel Draw program. We then converted the image to greyscale, then adjusted the contrast, changed the image to black and white and then opened Corel Trace and converted the image into a vector. We then saved the trace result and opened the file into a vector editing program. The trace was used as a framework to digitize the symbol.

A vector symbol or logo may be enlarged and printed to any size with out loss of quality.



The artwork is not perfect but should be good enough for most purposes.


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