3D Lettering For Shop Signs Made From Dense SignFoam

3D Lettering made from a dense foam used for exhibition and display signs can also be used on shop front signs as a cheap alternative to acrylic built up letters or metal lettering. The foam is available in sheets of 2400mm x 600mm in thicknesses of 12mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm. The foam is sealed with a water based epoxy resin or water proof acrylic resin before it is painted in a Matt finish or satin finish using masonry smooth paint. The letters can be glued to the shop sign with epoxy glue, Araldite adhesive or exterior grade double sided foam tape.

Creative Designers use the letters as a base for painting designs on or coating with mosaic tiles or semi precious stones. The lettering can be coated in a liquified stone to give a stone effect or covered in a fine grade of sand and then painted to give a textured finish.

These letters would be ideal for Art shops, Interior Design Shops, Crafts Shops and Hobby Shops. Because of th nature of the material the letters can be marked and damaged easily but once on the sign and out of harms way they will last for many years. We have seen our foam letters on shop signs more than ten years later and the only thing that was required to be done to the letters was a paint job to freshen them up.

SignFoam is made from a high density polystyrene where the grain size is so small you can’t see it. Styrofoam is one of the brand names for the foam as well as Selecta Foam. Sign Makers also use polyurethane foam to make lettering with but we decided to work with our own material which is easier to cut and work with. These materials are often used in the house building industry because of their insulating properties and in the USA they even build houses with the material as a structural material that is stable and inert.


The silver letter is what a foam letter might look like when painted with an exterior grade silver satin paint. The letter shown above was probably made of resin but the letter would look the same if it had been made of signfoam.


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