MDF Shop Display Letters

MDF Display Letters.

3D Letters made from 25mm thick MDF, painted grey matt finish. Ideal letters made for interior use in office building.


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Liberty Bevel Face Sign Letters

3D Lettering in black gloss acrylic, 10″ high, Liberty Bevel Face type style.


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Gold Stainless Steel Letters

Gold Stainless Steel Letters.

Gold stainless steel letter ‘S’.  Part of a job for a customer in Kazakhstan. Wording for job.  ‘WORLD OF DESIGNER BRANDS’.

200mm high, 2mm thick with brass locators on the back. Supplied with paper template. Gold stainless steel is Titanium coated.
Gold coloured stainless steel Titanium coated, the word ‘GATSBY’S’ supplied in a font named betty Noir. We did not have the font on our system at the time; so the customer sent us the font via email and we cut it from that.

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Steel Lettering

Metal letter E.

Metal capital letter ‘E’ made from 2mm stainless steel, brushed finish. A san serif font named Arial. The letter ‘E’ was part of a larger order and was supplied with brass locators and paper template.


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London Pub Sign Letters

3D Gold coloured acrylic letters. 225mm high. Times Bold Bevel Face. Moulded letters supplied to Pubs in London.


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Cast Resin Letters

Silver painted cast resin letters.


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Cannington News – News Agents Shop Front Sign

Cannington News shop sign supplied for DIY fitting into existing metal frame to replace existing sign using the same layout as previously used. The sign was made from 3mm thick aluminium composite with blue lettering in a Dom Casual italic font and Arial font.

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Stainless steel dedication plaque

Stainless steel plaque -dedication plaque.

297mm x 210mm. 1.5mm thick, brushed stainless steel with engraved lettering, black text in an Albertus font.
Hardwood timber base, dark oak stained and varnish. Brass screw fixings with brushed metal caps.


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Creative Sign Letters

Textured sign letters. 3D Letters with a textured finish can be made in resin or styrofoam. The letters are then coated in a liquefied stone finish and painted.

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Brass Plaques

Brass Plaques.

Brass plaques are made to order to your requirements. We engrave our plaques and chemical etch them depending on the job. If the plaque has a logo on it we usually etch it, we engrave the plaques when text is required. Most brass plaques have a black infill. Letters and logos can be of any colour fill. Most plaques have a black colour fill to the text.

Plaques can be supplied with a hardwood timber base if required.

For free advice and a price contact us by email . You are welcome to phone, UK .   Tel: 01202 546540

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